The confused, skinny dog couldn’t believe it was being helped

The abandoned dog survived on the streets for months, begging for food from passers-by and picking up scraps. The dog couldn’t believe its luck when people approached it and, for the first time in a long time, showed care…

Some months ago Stuart found itself on the streets of Los Angeles. It was left to its fate by its owners, who had moved away and abandoned it. Stuart survived on the streets alone for three months, still hoping its owners would someday return…

Most of the time the dog struggled to find food, often begging from passers-by or picking up scraps. One day, while looking for food, Stuart came across a police officer. The indifferent officer saw the dog and immediately realised that it needed help. The dog itself had no idea at the time how its life would change that day.

The man contacted local rescuers and volunteers picked up Stuart the same day. When they put the dog in the car, it was clearly confused, and couldn’t believe that someone was caring for it for the first time in a long time. But now there was nothing to fear — Stuart was safe. The vets found fleas, but luckily the dog had no health problems, so it was immediately sent to a rehoming centre.

Now the little one is still recovering, living at the temporary care centre with volunteers. It is an adorable and clever dog — and the shelter staff hopes to find better owners for it as soon as possible. Thank you for saving this miracle!

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