The couple sees a photo of the saddest dog in the shelter and travels six hours to foster him.

Benji was rescued from the Los Angeles Roads Animal Shelter. He was sick, very lonely and sad, and needed love.

Jessica and her boyfriend decide to give him a second chance at life. An emotional change in a few weeks is great.

Jessica Williams and her boyfriend Jared had always wanted a dog. The wish came true when they moved into a pet-friendly apartment in Sacramento, California.

Jessica decided to search the Internet for information about different shelters for dogs to adopt.
When Jessica looked at Benji’s picture, she saw that he was the saddest dog in the shelter. So she decided to give him a chance. She understood that it was love that he needed.

Benji was rescued while wandering the streets of Los Angeles. He had lost some of his hair due to a flea allergy. Many people probably wouldn’t have taken a dog in that situation, but not Jessica .

Jessica and her boyfriend drove six hours from Sacramento to Los Angeles to see Benji. And when they finally reached the shelter, the couple decided to take Benji home. On the way back to Sacramento, the dog was very embarrassed.

He tried to run away. But after a few days, Benji felt safe and showed his true sweet and playful nature. Benji spent three weeks in his new home and was incredibly changed.
He relived a sad past. But a happy life awaits him thanks to this couple who surrounded him with love and decided to take a risk.

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