The cow escaped from the owners and was found a year later. What they saw surprised them greatly

It usually happens that if a farmer loses one of the animals, he knows that 99% he will not find it. And if the farm is located near a large forest, then there is absolutely no chance. But our history today will prove the opposite. We will show that a missing animal can always be found if you really want to, even if almost a year has passed.

This cow’s name is Bonnie. When she was 4 months old, the owners took her to an auction to find a new home for her. But she escaped from there. The owners saw that she had already crossed the fence, but she was walking so fast towards the dark forest that they could not do anything. After that, they searched for her for a while, but they never found her and thought they wouldn’t find her anymore.

She ran away in the summer, and therefore it was easier for her to feed. Many thought that with the onset of autumn, she would either be eaten by wolves, or she would return to people. But it didn’t happen. The locals saw her very often. But she immediately ran away from them into the depths of the forest. Many began to be interested in how she survives in such a wild nature. Because of this, they put cameras in the forest.

The cow sometimes could not find food for herself and often visited local farms in search of food. The farmers already loved her and treated her with joy. After that, she returned to her native forest again. But people didn’t understand how she survives there?

But everything became clear after viewing the recordings on the cameras that were installed in the forest. As it turns out, she made friends with a pack of deer. It is not clear why, but they took the cow to their herd. At the moment, Bonnie is happily living with her friends.

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