The crowned pigeon is an incredibly beautiful bird

Crowned pigeons, which differ from the rest in their appearance, occupy a special place in the pigeon squad. These cute birds are not only one of the most beautiful birds in the world, but also quite interesting. They build nests in trees, and if they choose a companion, then once and for life. The name was given thanks to its crest of loose feathers, which create the appearance of a crown.

Birds are considered not only rare, but also on the verge of extinction. They are destroyed for the sake of beautiful plumage, which is decorated with souvenirs… Mostly they can be found in the forests of New Guinea.

The body length of the pigeon is from 66 to 74 cm, and the weight is about 2.5 kg. These birds feed on fallen fruits, seeds and berries, sometimes they eat snails and small invertebrates. When the mating season comes, the males arrange a whole performance, making loud sounds similar to the sound of a drum.

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