The dachshund puppy has an unusual colour that everyone mistakes for pyjamas.

It doesn’t happen unless you do it on purpose. Victoria Hoffman, the owner of a dachshund puppy called Moo, doesn’t need doctors or scientists.

All she needs to know is that her puppy is healthy, and not why his head is dark and his body is feathered.

The dog is now seven months old and doing well, but his coat doesn’t seem to be changing. It’s as if the head of one puppy has been moved onto the body of another. Or they put a light overcoat on Moo, who was originally dark, as a dachshund should. This is an idea that every other passer-by has in front of Moo, so explanations are needed all the time. And of course there are lots of photo opportunities.

Moo’s favourite treats are watermelon and almonds. He loves to sleep on his back with his legs stretched out. He is extremely well-behaved, friendly and compassionate, and is a cheerful presence in the beauty salon where his owner works. He has already passed the rigorous COVID19 test, helping his owners to keep from going mad with boredom during quarantine.

And what eyes he has!

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