The dog came to give birth at the vet clinic: the puppies’ dad was waiting for the family on the porch

Recently, a very unusual thing happened in Cariasica, Espirito Santo State, Brazil. Surveillance cameras captured a dog approaching the doors of a veterinary clinic.A pregnant dog came to the veterinary clinic. She was sitting on the steps until she was noticed by the hospital staff.

Veterinarian Joao Aureo Rodriguez de Oliveira came out and examined the dog. Realizing that the animal was about to give birth, the doctor carried her to the clinic in his arms.

There, a dog named Amigo (Friend) safely and under the supervision of doctors gave birth to six beautiful puppies. Amigo knew where to go and what to do to keep the puppies safe and healthy.

However, the surprises did not end there. While Amigo was giving birth, the father of the puppies (a reasonable assumption of veterinarians) waited patiently near the clinic.

The whole family is now healthy and waiting for adoption.

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