The dog came to the school for help. A young teacher showed an example to children

The story happened in winter. A red-haired dog came to the school grounds, whose appearance left much to be desired. She was dirty, skinny, with a dangling front paw. But at the same time, the animal’s eyes were intelligent. The dog approached the children, licked their hands. It wagged its tail all the time, showing its friendliness towards people and looked them in the eye.

The children still have kind hearts and they knew who could help them. One young teacher is an active volunteer who helps our younger brothers. And it is necessary to instill a kind attitude to animals in children not only by talking, but also by showing in practice.

Therefore, after all the lessons were over, the red-haired dog, accompanied by a primary school teacher, went to the veterinary clinic for examination. On the way to the car, they were accompanied by dozens of children’s eyes.

On examination, it was found out that the dog is still very young, the bones of the paw are intact, but the nerve is broken. So it is not yet known whether the limb will function.

Hoping for a miracle, the curator gave the dog a little time to recover, maybe there is still a chance to save the paw. However, unfortunately, the miracle did not happen. Therefore, it was necessary to amputate the foot at the elbow joint, as the curator hopes that in the future they will be able to install a prosthesis.

Then the dog, who was named Callie, would be able to run and play. However, the girl was not lucky here either. There was also no sensitivity in this part of the paw. So the doctors had to do another operation. The paw was amputated completely. Again, the dog needed time for rehabilitation.

Now baby Callie has changed a lot. She is no longer a shy teenager, but a perky and charming little girl. She’s used to missing one paw. She is perfectly able to do without it. She is a very smart dog.

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