The dog could not accept the death of his owner

Remember that when you go somewhere, your faithful pets miss you and waiting for you. In this post, we want to tell you the touching story of Fulminé and his owner Leonardo.

They lived happily together for seven years in rural Italy until Leonardo got into trouble. He was taken to the local hospital and was unable to care for for his dear boy. Fulmine missed him dearly.

According to Leonardo’s daughter, Sara Secchi, Fulmine always rushed to the gate every time a car appeared.

Last month, when the situation worsened, the poor man could not survive. He died before he could say goodbye to his four-legged companion. And for two days, the little dog disappeared. No one knew where he had run off to.

But Sarah did find Fulmine. The day after the funeral, the woman and her son went to to Leonard’s grave and found the little brown dog there. Fulmine stayed there for a long time and then returned to the dog house that Leonardo had put up for him.

But he was still very sad and didn’t want to eat. The man’s grave is about two kilometers from their house. And no one ever showed the dog how to get there. Nevertheless, Fulminе managed to find his Leonardo again.

Sarah took Fulmine home with her to take better care of him. And, of course, Leonardo will always live on in their hearts. This story once again proves to us how loyal our pets are.

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