The dog from the shelter wanted to find an owner so much that he held out his paw to everyone who passed by the cage

Of course, shelters for our little brothers are a good thing, and many thanks to the people who create them. But it often happens that the living conditions for the animals are not the best, and the pets that stay there do not know love and affection.

Today’s article is about a dog who wanted very much to find an owner and feel human attention and care.

Many animals are humbled, silently waiting for their happy day when they are taken to a new home. And there are some that don’t just sit idly by, but try to attract the attention of people, thereby increasing their chances of finding a new owner.

Ray was just that dog who did everything possible to make himself happy. He lived at the shelter for over a year and during that time he never missed a single visitor.

He ended up in the shelter because of the cruelty of a man who starved him and then simply threw him out on the street. But despite everything, Ray didn’t lose his trust in people; he tried his best to reach out to any visitor, because he really needed to be touched, cared for, and petted. After all, people always reached out and stroked him in return.

And fate rewarded Ray for his tenacity. A man named Jerome walked past the dog’s enclosure. The dog, as usual, held out his paw and looked into the man’s eyes with his bottomless eyes. Jerome realized that he would not go home without Ray.

Now they are best friends and the dog is a real member of the family. The man says he still doesn’t understand how he could have ever walked past that dog.

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