The dog was completely exhausted and she was crying from hunger and loneliness. The owner decided to simply get rid of her

The man went out for a walk and suddenly saw a dog, which was scary to look at. She was completely emaciated and looked like a walking skeleton. She was so hungry that she couldn’t move from weakness. It’s obvious that she hasn’t eaten for a long time.

But it’s good that this man turned out to be kind and could not remain indifferent to the suffering of the animal. He contacted animal rights activist Tina Soller. She immediately arrived at the specified address and came to a real shock when she saw the dog in such a state.

Moreover, it was a thoroughbred dog, a greyhound, another name is Spanish galgo. This breed of dog is often abandoned by the owners, condemning them to an unhappy life. They are taken in season to hunt hares, and then they take their lives or drive them away.

And already at the age of two, they become unusable. Tina, a British by birth, found out about the unfortunate fate of dogs of this breed and specially moved to live in Spain to open a center for their rescue.

Matilda was in a deplorable state, covered in parasites, hungry and very scared. She wanted to bite the girl. That’s why they put a muzzle on her. But Tina understood that this was a way to protect herself from people the dog didn’t trust.

Fortunately, the veterinarian said that despite severe exhaustion, the dog has no health problems. And very soon she Tina found her a new caring owner.

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