The dog was so thirsty that he started asking people who were passing by for water

In hot weather, street animals suffer not so much from hunger as from lack of water. After all, all the puddles dry out and the search for life-giving moisture becomes very difficult.

With no owners around to get them drunk, stray animals can only rely on chance or their own ingenuity.

In the Peruvian capital, Lima, a thirsty dog has found an interesting way out. The stray dog has taken an old paint bucket in his teeth and travels the streets of the city with it.

It is unclear where the plastic bucket itself came from, but this find was a real rescue for the animal. The dog approaches passersby with the bucket, puts it in front of them, and makes every effort to show that he is thirsty.

The owners of local establishments are happy to fill the tank and even ordinary passersby are eager to share bottled water with the animal.

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