The elephant brought the newborn baby elephant to the people who saved her life

How much wild animals can still have a strong attachment to people who once saved them. Our touching story once again confirms this truth.

In 2006, employees of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Protection Fund, which is located in Kenya, were lucky enough to save a baby elephant who was left without a mother. The baby almost died of hunger and could barely stand on her feet. She was named Lojuk.

The elephant lived in the reserve for several years. And when she grew up, she was released into the wild.

Many years have passed, but the animal did not forget the people who saved and raised it. Lojuk came to the reserve once a month to tell her human family. And last autumn the elephant appeared again, but not alone. She brought her newborn baby with her. It was obvious that Logjik really wanted to share this happy news with her friends. After all, the baby elephant was born just a few hours ago.

Mother elephant and her daughter Lily (as the reserve staff called her) immediately visited the chief caretaker Benjamin Kialo. Lojuk allowed the man to stroke the baby and breathe into her trunk. In this way, the employees of the reserve show their smell to the animals.

After meeting her baby elephant, Lojuk left, but she decided to stay on the territory of the reserve. Now the foundation’s employees not only observe the life of mom and daughter, but also feed them.

In the open spaces of the wild, a little elephant is raised by all the animals of the herd. Previously, Lojuk «nursed» other babies, and now the elephants Nazerian and Itumba, who also remained orphans, are busy raising her baby.

Now Lojuk knows that if her Lily needs help, the reserve staff will not leave her baby in trouble.

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