The elephant cried when he was released after spending 50 years in captivity

Raju the elephant was forced to spend 50 years of his life in captivity, forced to roam the side of the road daily to entertain people passing by. A charitable organization from Great Britain accidentally discovered the animal and freed it from its chains, and the elephant cried in response.

Raju was used to make money by walking him on the roads to attract the attention of passersby. The elephant had already escaped twice, but his owner found him and brought him back. Soon the owner began locking Raju up at night and tying him to a chain.

Elephants are very sensitive and emotional animals. An encounter with the volunteers brought Raju to salvation.

He is now in a nursery where he lives with other elephants. His adaptation will take some time, but the zookeepers intend to release him into the wild in the near future.

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