The English lamb is sure that she is a dog.

If you were born to do «baa», you can’t do «woof-woof». That’s not true. The  sheep named Chopsy from the English town of Bumpton, born as a lamb and looking like a lamb, has become a real dog. As soon as she got into the dog company, she immediately realized that she likes to run around the field and bark at other dogs. And spending the night next to sheep is clearly not hers.

The owner of the newly-born sheep terrier just shrugs her shoulders — and what can you do?

Because of living with other dogs, Chopsy was so inspired by their way of life that now there is no turning back.

Her owner, 28-year-old dog owner Siobhan Chirrel O’Kelly, bought Chopsy last year as a lamb.

She needed it for work. She is a trainer, and with the help of Chopsy, she planned to train her clients’ dogs not to attack sheep.
But something went wrong.

Here ‘s what Siobhan tells about her:

Chopsy comes for dog walks, plays with dogs and even comes running when I call her.

She goes crazy when she sees another dog passing by the field. And she barks almost the same way dogs bark at other dogs.


I don’t think dog owners know how to behave when she follows their pet. Sometimes they don’t even realize it’s a sheep, as it runs with other dogs. But when people notice something wrong, they squint and say, «Oh, my God, is that a sheep?»

I tried to bring Chopsy back to her relatives, but she is afraid of sheep and runs back.

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