The fish rose from the depths and dragged the shark away in front of the fishermen

Off the coast of Florida, fishermen decided to lure a shark to the nets. They were already preparing for the catch when suddenly a huge fish rose from the depths and dragged the shark away right in front of their eyes.

The shark came very close to the boat. The fishermen were expecting a good catch as it had already taken the bait. A man with a fishing rod began to carefully pull the line up, when a huge fish emerged from the depths.

After a few seconds, the fish dragged the shark down, leaving the fishermen helpless. When they reviewed the video footage, they realised they had encountered a giant grouper that could have weighed in excess of 220kg.

Naturally, the fishermen couldn’t compete with a creature of that size, and in the video their reactions looked too surprised to react quickly.

Grouper are protected in Florida. These huge saltwater fish prefer easy prey and often take their catch from local fishermen.

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