The forester heard a growl outside the window: there was a bear at the gate, asking for help

The window of the forester’s lodge was open, so he could hear a growl coming from the street. When the sound was repeated, the man went out into the yard to see what was going on. There was a bear standing at the gate. It was as if it was calling to the man to tell him something.

The forester hurried back into the house and got his gun ready, for the bear is not always friendly to humans.

«I acted automatically, I don’t even remember the moment I took the gun from the house. When I went outside, I wanted to take aim, and only then did I realize that the bear had shown up at my gate for a reason,» the man says.

The bear stood on its hind legs and did not move, as if showing that it did not plan to pounce on the man, but as soon as it was sure that all the man’s attention was turned to it, the bear went in the direction of the forest. On the way, the bear looked back several times, and the forester thought that the animal was calling him to follow him.

The man walked some distance from the bear and soon they came to the lake. In the water, not far from the shore, there was a baby bear, all entangled in a fisherman’s net.

As it turned out, the bear cub was in trouble. Unable to cope on her own, the bear decided to bring a man to help the baby.

The closest to the forest was the forester’s lodge, so the bear headed toward it.

The man slowly walked over to the bear cub and began to remove the net. He did everything calmly and slowly, so as not to give the bear mother any reason to worry. As soon as the cub was free, his mother picked him up, and they quickly disappeared between the trees.

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