The girl became the world’s youngest opera singer at the age of seven.

On March 28, 10-year-old Victory Brinker of Pennsylvania, USA, officially became the world’s youngest opera singer after eight professional performances at the Pittsburgh Public Theater’s Lights and Legends show.

The girl set the record when she was only seven years and 314 days old, but it has only now been recognized. She also became famous when she won the Golden Buzzer Award from all the judges at once on America’s Got Talent in July 2021.

«I spoke early and started singing at age two. Between the ages of two and three I memorized and sang all the songs from some CDs.» said Victory.

The girl’s mother admitted that her daughter sings almost all day, and her big dream was to perform in front of the America’s Got Talent jury.

The 9-year-old Victory Brinker has set a new record on America’s Got Talent. The singer became the youngest contestant in history to win the Golden Button.

The girl was so excited before the performance that she didn’t know what to say on stage. «I’m excited and upset,» she declared.

The 9-year-old’s stress completely disappeared when she began to sing. The contestant chose the song «Juliet’s Waltz» from the opera «Romeo and Juliet» and made sure the jury didn’t know what to say to them.

After singing the song, a pigeon, which had previously flown under the roof of the building where the show was recorded, landed next to the 9-year-old girl.

«It’s amazing. It’s a bright sign,» Heidi Klum said.

The young singer was introduced to opera vocals shortly before her sixth birthday and immediately fell in love with this way of singing.

«In opera I really like the complex arrangements, the technique needed to sing, and the different languages in which all the arias are written,» the girl said.

Victory received her record-setting certificate at the Lo Show Dei Record, and it was a pleasant surprise for her.

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