The girl heard someone crying from the swamp. It turned out to be a puppy tied to a tree

When your home is near the marshes, you eventually stop responding to outside noises.

Jessica Claiborne, a resident of Zebulon, North Carolina, is also used to such noises.

She had long since stopped reacting to noises coming from the swamp, but this time was different. As she was doing chores in the yard, she heard unusual sounds, like someone crying.

The girl did not hesitate for a second and decided to find out the nature of these unusual sounds. She had to walk through the swamp through the reeds.

In the middle of the swamp was a small piece of land on which sat a puppy.

The puppy was covered in mud and tied with a tight rope to a tree, squeezing his neck hard.

Jessica had to go into the swamp, in which her feet were bogged down to her knees. She had no other choice; there was no one to help the poor animal. When she got to the puppy, she freed it from the noose. Luckily she had her pocketknife with her.

It was immediately clear that there was something human involved.

The girl gave the puppy the nickname Nash. How much time he spent in the swamp is hard to say, but, during that time, the rope hurt the puppy’s neck in blood, and bugs covered the hair and ears of the poor dog.

He was sure to die in the swamp from predators, or from a lack of water and drink.

Jessica took the puppy home with her. When she took him in her arms, he was afraid to move a muscle lest she change her mind.

The first thing the girl did was to take him to the veterinary clinic. There she learned that he was no more than two months old. He required a course of antibiotics.

After a week, Nash got better, and he was placed in a holding facility until he was fully recovered.

Soon, he went from a timid puppy to a cheerful pet who loves people and other dogs very much.

But, according to the temporary owners, the puppy was not able to completely get rid of his feelings of fear and distrust.

The owners also claim that Nash is deaf, as he does not respond to sounds at all. But veterinarians give a good chance of restoring his hearing.

Today, Nash has already found permanent owners, who will soon take him to a new home.

We want to believe that the puppy will never be left alone again.

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