The girl picked up a little white ball, thinking it was a kitten, but it wasn’t

A resident of the Colombian Andes steamed off for a walk near her village. On her way, she noticed a small white kitten. The animal was weak, and it became clear that it really needed help.

The girl took the kitten to the vet, and the examination brought unexpected results. The animal, which the Colombian woman mistook for a kitten, turned out to be a baby jaguarundi, a local puma species. These animals don’t come in white, but she found a unique albino cougar.

If it were not for the veterinarian, the girl might not have suspected for a long time about who she met on the way. The jaguarundi are small, only slightly larger than domestic cats, but the character of the animals is not the best, it is difficult for them to get along with humans.

When she found the baby, it weighed barely 500 grams. The unusual jaguarundi was taken to the reserve, where specialists look after it. Soon all fears about the cat’s health were left behind, it quickly grew and got stronger. By a year, the animal was larger than its dark-colored peers.

In addition to the color of its fur, the albino puma differs from its congeners in its increased sensitivity to light. The animal cannot survive in the wild. The snow-white predator is too conspicuous in the jungle.

The puma stayed in the zoo, where they created a special enclosure to keep out direct sunlight.

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