The girl was already desperate to catch the dog, abandoned in the field, and she even cried

On the way home, Catherine and her husband stopped in a field. Getting out of the car, she suddenly saw two small and very thin puppies, and later their mother appeared. She looked just as haggard.

Catherine fed the animals what she had with her, and when she got home, she started looking for help on social media. She wanted help catching the dogs and sending them to a shelter. But no one responded.

The girl went to see the dogs every day, but was unable to catch them. Fortunately, a volunteer named Inna agreed to help.

Thanks to her acquaintances, she managed to find a rescue team. When they arrived at the designated place, they were able to pick up the puppies, but things were not the same with the mother — they could not get closer than 100 meters to her.

The babies were given to a holding facility. And Cathy still hoped that she would soon be able to pick up her mother as well. One day she dropped everything and went to the dog. The dog would not let her get close, and the girl, desperate, began to cry, realizing that to leave her here was to condemn her to certain death.

But the unexpected happened. The dog, seeing the girl crying, began to howl and crawl closer. Cathy quickly tried to construct a collar out of shoelaces and a belt, but there was no need for that.

The dog didn’t run away anywhere, and then calmly rode in the car. The long-awaited meeting with the puppies was incredibly touching.

Now the canine family has adapted to life around other animals, and is happy to be friends with them.

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