The grandmother begins to sing a lullaby to her granddaughter. The baby’s reaction is hilarious

Young children need lots of love, affection, and time with their families. And who better than grandmothers to spend time with their newborn grandchildren?

The video of a grandmother and her newborn granddaughter below is not only hilarious, but will make you marvel at what’s happening in it.

The grandmother decided to sing her granddaughter a lullaby, but no one expected such a reaction from the baby.

This grandmother came to visit and spend time with her granddaughter.

Nestled comfortably in her grandmother’s arms, the child listened as she began to sing a lullaby.

Grandma decided to sing “I’m in the Mood for the Love,” a classic song from the 1940s that is so soothing and lulling that it could easily put a child to sleep.


But going to sleep to that song certainly wasn’t in this girl’s plans. Instead, she wanted to sing along with her grandmother.


With her eyes wide open, she lay in her grandmother’s arms and looked directly into her eyes. After the grandmother sang a few lines, the child began to make noises that sounded like the girl was trying to sing along to her grandmother.

Luckily, the little girl’s mom had a video camera handy and was able to capture the stunning duet on video. Without a doubt, this moment in their lives will be remembered forever!

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