The heartbroken girls thought the shelter dog they had fallen in love with had been put to sleep, but they were in for a surprise

An adorable dog named Rosie was recently nearly put to sleep. But her story had a happy ending.

Toni, a mother of two girls, was looking for dogs online. Her children saw an ad for Rosie that read: «If Rosie is not adopted soon, she will die in a shelter.»

Naturally, this broke the hearts of young McKenna and Kerrigan. They cried and didn’t want the dog to die.

When Tony later reopened Rosie’s page, her picture had a big bar that said «no longer available.» The children worried that this meant Rosie had been euthanized.

The girls’ parents, Stefan and Tony, didn’t tell their daughters that they had already adopted the dog, they wanted so much to save her life. They kept quiet to surprise them. The girls were shocked to see the «no longer available» sign. Their hearts were broken when they thought the poor dog had been shot.

The family went to get Rosie. The girls were very happy to see the dog safe and sound. They didn’t think they would ever see Rosie again. McKenna even started crying for joy.

The poor dog ended up at the shelter because of her owners’ divorce. The young divorced mother could no longer take care of her because she had two small children. So she was left at the shelter.

They then figured out that’s the real reason Rosie’s page noted she was no longer available. Once they confirmed it, youngest MacKenna burst into tears and gave her mom a grateful hug. Then she went right back to hugging Rosie.

Stephen described this touching moment:

“When I saw MacKenna just break down and start crying, and just the look on their faces in shock, I definitely teared up.”

According to an Instagram caption, MacKenna “cried for 45 minutes” after first meeting Rosie.

Without this family, Rosie would not be alive. But thankfully, Rosie is safe now, and she is very happy in her new and wonderful family. Rosie has become everything to the girls, who can’t imagine their lives without her. Rosie loves to sleep in their bed, be by their side when they do their homework, and play with them all the time. She has also developed a bond with their dog Ziggy. Rosie is the happiest dog because she has such a wonderful and caring family. Watch the heartwarming video below!

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