The horse came to say goodbye to his owner. Everyone was moved to tears

Horses are some of the most emotional animals, very attached to their owner. This horse has come to say goodbye.

Sheila Marsh has worked at Haydock Park Raceway since she was 21 years old, says.
Horses have always played a crucial role in her life — especially Bronwen, whom Sheila nursed, raised and loved. They were together for almost 20 years.

Sadly, in her old age, 77-year-old Marsh was diagnosed with terminal cancer. On her deathbed, she had one wish: to see her beloved horse, Bronwen, one more time.

Sheila’s health was deteriorating with each passing day, and her daughter, Tina Marsh, sought help from the staff at the hospital in Wigan, England, where she was lying in bed.

The doctors readily responded and said they would help make the dying woman’s last wish come true.

The orderlies took Sheila’s gurney out to the parking lot, where the former caretaker had all her favorite horses waiting. Bronwen, of course, was among them.

When Bronwen approached her, Sheila was «in seventh heaven.» She whispered the horse’s name with the last of her strength, and Bronwen tucked her nose into her cheek. According to Tina:

«Mother hardly spoke on her last day, but she clearly called Bronwen by name and asked her to kiss her.»

Bronwen bent down and gently kissed Sheila goodbye.

At the sight of this touching picture, Tina could not hold back her tears.

«I was sobbing in three streams, and all the nurses were sobbing, too. She was comforted, it was such a beautiful moment! She had a special relationship with Bronwen. She had been caring for her for 18 or 19 years, since Bronwen was 7. It touched all of us, it was very important.»

It’s amazing how strong feelings arise between living things — both humans and horses. We seem to live for those in our hearts, and that intimacy knows no bounds. Apparently, Sheila couldn’t leave without saying goodbye.

Look at it this way:

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