The hunters’ dog jumped down a hole and disappeared: people started digging and found a whole network of underground tunnels.

Margaret decided to take her husband’s hunting dog for a walk. The Englishwoman was at the edge of the woods when Cookie suddenly made a stand. Before she knew it, the terrier dived down a rabbit hole and immediately disappeared. She had to call in the professionals to help. But when they started digging, they found a whole network of tunnels down the hole.

An unusual incident took place in West Sussex. Margaret’s husband had moved here on purpose. Joe is an avid hunter, so he got a dog to match, a patterdale terrier. The dogs are bred purely for hunting burrowing animals.

When Cookie saw the hole in the ground, he acted as nature dictated. He instantly slid down, but there was no way back out. But the terrier’s barking could be heard. Sounds were moving beneath the surface. Margaret called specialists to the scene and the men used seismic sensors to determine where the dog was hiding.

For seven hours the men made their way to the terrier. Behind the small burrow opened a labyrinth of corridors going deep underground. In the end everything ended safely. Only Margaret’s husband was dissatisfied: from that day on, Cookie never looked for burrows again.

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