The kitten lived in the entrance. He couldn’t get up from impotence, and people just stepped over him

Residents of the house said that the kitten appeared on the landing a couple of weeks ago. Periodically, residents sent the baby outside. But he kept coming back. One day the kitten stopped moving. He just didn’t have the strength left even to stand on his paws. After all, he hadn’t eaten at all for several days…

The kitten had little chance not to starve just on the landing, but he was lucky.

Now the hungry life in the cold entrance is left behind. The kitten was helped to recover by a woman who manages one of the overexposures supervised by me. She took the baby out of the entrance and took him to the vet. A month later, the kitten recovered and gained weight. He became a beautiful and active kitten.

That story is very typical, except that not all animals are lucky to meet such a woman or people like her on their way. I often encounter indifference to street animals. But I am offended that none of my villagers not only did not want to take care of the baby, but they did not even feed and give him water. We are trying to save everyone, even though it often costs a lot and makes us get into debt.

People donate their savings to animals that are completely alien to them, just so that they can get treatment and continue to live. At the same time, there are those who calmly pass by a small kitten who is dying of hunger a few meters from the door of his apartment…

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