The largest elephant in the world: it is as tall as a three-story house and weighs as much as two regular elephants

A huge elephant came out to tourists in Amboseli National Park, located on the very border of Kenya and Tanzania. The size of the animal was clearly out of the standard limits: savannah elephants usually grow up to 4 tons in weight and 3.5 meters in height.

This elephant, however, was taller than the trees and, judging by its size, weighed at least 8 tons, that is, like two regular elephants. Tourists also noticed its unusually long tusks. Such huge tusks for elephants are very rare, such creatures are called «tuskers».

«We think the elephant was able to get so big because of visits to nearby farms. Apparently, he had enough to eat since childhood,» a national park employee explained to reporters.

There are almost no elephant-tuskers left in the world. Tourists are lucky enough to encounter a rare member of the species.

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