The lion jumped into the car to the tourists

No matter how much you love big wild cats, it goes without saying that they are extremely dangerous animals. And getting too close to them is not the best idea. However, when you see this friendly lion jumping into a car full of tourists, you can forget about all this.

In the Crimea, in the local safari parkTaigan, a lion named Filya climbed into a car with passengers.

The two-year-old predator is sociable and loves company. The lion got into the car to enjoy himself and lick the passengers.

A formidable predator from the African savannahs, which lives in the Crimean safari park, turned out to be extremely affectionate. During a tour of tourists in the park, he unceremoniously climbed into the car to people and began to demand affection. He started rubbing against people and was very happy to be petted and hugged. Moreover, he drove the driver out of his seat and sat in the driver’s seat. Netizens joke that Filya has to take a driving test  and then he himself will take tourists around the park.

However, you should know that lions, like all wild animals, are quite unpredictable, and stroking them is dangerous.

In the meantime, enjoy how Filya asks for hugs on the video

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