The little dog can’t walk, and there’s no money for treatment, because it has no owner

The dog does not walk normally and moves with the help of his front legs, leaning only on them. It was very cold that day. The girl wrapped the doggie in a blanket she found in the car and went to the vet clinic. There she was told that in theory the little one would be able to walk. But only later and a long and complicated treatment will be needed.

The girl found a temporary owner for the dog. However, she later learned that the woman’s son does not have the same love for animals as his mother. If the baby whines at night, he sends it to the barn, which is cold. That’s when the girl decided to take the dog to her house for the duration of her treatment.

A volunteer organization helped the doggie for the first time, but lately something has been wrong. Two months have passed since the unfortunate creature was found.

The poor dog’s condition turned out to be much sadder than we thought. In addition to problems with his paws, he has other serious health problems that require immediate treatment. However, the girl has no money for that. And there are no people willing to become the owner, an unusual dog, either.

I feel sorry for the little guy, I can’t calmly look at his picture, where the poor and defenseless puppy is smiling at the camera.

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