The little monkey tried to put the duckling to sleep and succeeded.

Friendship between animals of different species is not common, although we have long been accustomed to the friendship of some of them. Friendship between dogs and cats, who live together in the same territory, no one is surprised long ago. But the friendship between monkeys and ducks, such communication is rare.
Not every house will have such an unusual couple. At the beginning it seems that they are completely different from each other, and can not be friends in any way. But most animals are very kind creatures who can worry, care about their friends, and love.

Such relationships are not uncommon, mostly in cases where several pets grow up together from a young age. They get used to each other and become a real support for each other.

A show of love and care is not uncommon for them. The owners photographed of these unusual friends as the monkey tried to help the duck to sleep. You could call it more than just friendship, it was more than that! It was as if the monkey had taken responsibility of caring for the bird.

By the way, in one of the zoos there is another monkey who is just as caring. A macaque monkey named Niamh was never able to make friends and find a mate among the monkeys, and once a chicken accidentally walked into her enclosure. To the surprise of the zoo staff, the monkey took a new friend under his care. When the bird was lonely, it came to the macaque in the cage, and the macaque took it in with great pleasure.

Sometimes the chick would stay overnight in the monkey’s cage. The chick always had an opportunity to escape, but it did not want to do so.

That’s the kind of unusual friendship you find among animals.

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