The lucky Hawaiian kitten loves the water more than anything! He became a surfing sensation with his loving owners

Every now and then, thanks to the Internet, we come across a kitten, one in a million. This cat, Hokeule’a, loves the water so much that he and his family go surfing! They noticed his love of the water early in his life when he was happily going outside in the pouring rain! They first took him to a private beach to see if he would be okay around water (which can be pretty intimidating for a cat), and he blossomed there!

They started slowly, with small waves, and even built a little basket for him so he could feel more confident on his surfboard. But now this cat is a pro at surfing and can even surfboard himself! It’s also beautiful to watch the way the cat looks at his owners.

You can really see the love in his eyes, and he seems grateful to be able to express his love for the water with his owners, who also love the water! Scroll down the page to see this affectionate, adorable, and absolutely adorable video!

Yes, yes, we know it’s cute, and just wait until you see how he swims! His four little paws splashing in the water… We wish more cats would love to swim, because it’s so cute! We want to go surfing with him.

Hokeule’a is definitely a sissy. Throughout the video you will see many moments when he just looks at her, there is so much love and trust in his eyes. If we keep talking about it, we might cry from overload!

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