The man decided to stop and listen, because it was not for nothing that his dogs would not let him get away. And then he heard a peep from the water

One sunny winter day, Max was walking his two dogs, Menna and Dobby. It was Valentine’s Day, by the way. And while all the lovers were busy looking for presents, Max was getting carried away by the nature around him.

But suddenly a passerby came up to the man and asked if he had seen a gray spaniel. The man replied that he hadn’t, but kindly offered to help him look for the doggie. The two men walked around the park for a very long time and not only that, but they never found anyone.

Then Max and his dogs went to the pedestrian bridge, maybe he would find a doggie there. Just in case, he looked out to see if anyone was in the water. Maybe the dog had fallen there, but no one was there. But his two four-legged friends continued to look from the bridge into the water. And the man decided to stop and listen, because it is not for nothing that his dogs don’t let him go from here. And then Max heard a peep from the water. There was a gray-colored dog there. How he got there is unknown, but the fact is that he had already frozen there.

So the man immediately undressed, left his belongings and the dogs on the shore, and himself climbed into the icy water to rescue the dog. It was very difficult for Max to get to the dog, but he succeeded and saved the poor dog. Although he was freezing to death himself.

Then the dog’s owner checked with the vet or a healthy dog. She turned out to be fine. And in the city since then everyone began to call Max a real hero. The man himself said that he only did the dirty work, but the real rescuers were his two faithful friends, who didn’t let him leave that bridge until he noticed the dog in the water.

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