The naughty dog was returned to the shelter 4 times: but over time she was taken to the K 9 unit

A mixture of an Australian Shepherd and a border collie named Ruby has been brought to the shelter 4 times since she was 8 months old.

She was considered «unfit for adoption» because no family could cope with it. The orphanage believed that they could not in good conscience give Rubin up for adoption to another family.And then they decided to euthanize her.
But the shelter worker named Pat Inman came up with the idea to give Ruby a temporary reprieve.

Inman wanted to give the puppy an extra chance to learn discipline. He felt that the dog was extremely intelligent (if not even very well-mannered).

«She didn’t have a stop switch,» Inman wrote in a Facebook post. «She was too active for most families. »

Inman contacted the Rhode Island State Police to see if they would be interested in training a crafty puppy for their K-9 unit. It’s like sending her to a training camp, where she will show whether she can behave well or not.

It turns out that Inman had a good intuition. The rigorous training in K9 is just what Ruby needs. At that time, an officer named Dan O’Neill wanted to join the K9 unit.

O’Neill always wanted to join the squad, but he didn’t have a dog partner. As a result, he got Ruby, and each of them got a chance to see if they could succeed in these important new roles.

Ruby didn’t have the best start in the O’Neill family. After she was brought into the new house, she immediately ran into the living room and pooped on the floor in front of O’Neill’s pregnant wife.

But Officer O’Neill still didn’t give up on the dog.

As you understand, it took a LOT of patience and hard work. But over time, Ruby has learned some discipline from her new human partner.

A teenager has disappeared from his home in Gloucester, Rhode Island. The teenager’s mother told the two officers assigned to the case that he liked to walk in the woods. Therefore, the police dispersed to look for the boy.

Ruby caught the scent of a teenager and ran towards the gorge. O’Neill struggled to follow her. Seeing the wounded, unconscious teenager, the dog began to lick his face.

It turns out Ruby found the teenager just in time.The boy was able to fully recover after hospitalization.

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