The old dog was abandoned in the street. Next to it was a letter

When the man noticed the dog, it looked very sad. Next to the animal was a letter, the reading of which finally spoiled the man’s mood.

The note said that the dog’s name was Tessa and that he used to live with a local resident. But the woman had recently gone to live in Canada. Worried that the animal would not survive the trip, the woman left him in the care of her neighbor, with whom they were on good terms. As it turned out, the friendship between them did not extend to the animal. Therefore, the neighbor decided to send the dog to live on the street a few days after its owner boarded the plane.

«Tessa is 12 years old now, her owner, my neighbor, told me she had a chip. She was off to start her life over in Canada, and she asked me if I would take care of Tessa. I said yes, although I knew right away that I didn’t want to and wouldn’t take care of the dog. She gets breakfast around 11:30,» was the letter, which was meant to explain why the dog was outside alone.

«My neighbor is in Canada, she’s not coming back. She really wanted Tessa to be taken care of, but I just can’t and won’t take care of the dog, sorry,» were the last lines of the letter.

After finding Tessa and reading the letter, Alan was shocked. He posted a photo of Tessa and the note on social media. It was here that Paul Edwardson, son of the woman who used to own Tessa, saw it. The man said that his mother Yvone, who is now 76, was horrified by what had happened.

«The neighbor kept saying he wanted a dog, that he would love to take care of Tessa, and even started building a kennel for her. I told this story to my mother. She cried and kept asking what happened to her pet,» Paul said.

Allan, who found the dog, decided to help Tessa. In addition to posting her photo and letter, he also added his own post in which he expressed all his emotions:

«How could anyone just abandon an elderly animal in the middle of a field. She obviously does not know how to live on the streets. Was he counting on her luck and that someone would find her? It’s hard for me to find the words to express all the emotions that overwhelm me. For now I’m just glad Tessa is safe,» Alan wrote.

The man took Tessa to a shelter. Here they are taking care of her and have already begun to look for a new home and a loving owner for her.

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