The owner installed a camera to see why the dog stares at him all night

Many families dream of having a dog, and those who already have a four-legged friend tend to see him as part of the family. Mike and Kelly’s family was no exception. The couple decided to take a dog from the shelter, because the dogs that ended up there need love and care much more than the others. Most shelter dogs have a very difficult fate. And it is impossible to predict how the animal will behave in its new home. After looking at all the shelter pets, Mike and Kelly settled on a simple mongrel dog. A dog named Jackie turned out to be calm, malleable, and seemed to love Mike and Kelly almost at first sight. The pair also quickly became attached to Jackie.

The dog had an excellent upbringing. It was obvious that he had lived in the house before, and his former owners had taught him the rules of behavior and even a few commands, but there was still something that bothered Mike and Kelly. Throughout the day Jackie could go about his doggy business, but as soon as night fell he always took the same position at the owner’s bedroom door. He would stare at Mike and Kelly without taking his eyes off them. Every night the couple had to fall asleep under the watchful eye of their dog. Not only did the circumstance make them a little uneasy, the owners worried about whether their dog was sleeping at all. To find out, Mike installed a hidden camera by the bedroom door.

In the morning, after watching the tape, the couple was shocked. Jackie had really been awake all night, standing there staring at his owners until morning. Every once in a while his eyes would close, but then the dog would flinch and wake up abruptly, as if terrified that he might have fallen asleep. Mike and Kelly began to puzzle over what might be the cause of this strange behavior. They decided to take the dog to the vet, because the insomnia could have been caused by health problems.

The vet examined Jackie carefully and said the dog was in excellent health. The doctor explained to Mike and Kelly that their pet’s strange habit might have originated when he was still with his previous owners. So Mike and Kelly decided to go back to the kennel to find out more about their pet’s past and finally get answers to the questions that had been plaguing them.

What they learned made them look at Jackie with different eyes. It turned out that their dog used to live with a young couple who treated him very well. But when his former owner became pregnant, she and her husband decided they couldn’t handle the dog when they had a baby. While Jackie slept, they moved him into a wooden container, which they took to the shelter.

The container was opened by the shelter staff, and Jackie never saw his owners again. He pined the whole time he was in the shelter until Mike and Kelly took him in. But now the dog is afraid that if he falls asleep, he may never see his owners again.

Mike and Kelly could barely hold back tears as they listened to the story. When they learned the truth, they were even more concerned about Jackie.

In order for the dog to finally get rid of his fears and be able to sleep at night, they let him sleep next to them and that was the best solution for everyone. Jackie felt the warmth of his owners all night and didn’t have to worry about waking up surrounded by strangers again.

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