The owner introduced his dog to a tiger and a lion and they became real friends

A 26-year-old girl named Lakshmi has long dreamed of becoming an animal specialist. She was able to fulfill her lifelong dream. She was also able to make friends with her bulldog with a tiger and a white lion.

The owner introduced her dog to a tiger and a lion and they became real friends.

Not long ago, a pretty girl took charge of a zoo, where 30 lions, 10 tigers and 3 leopards are currently living. She often hears from others that she didn’t choose the easiest job, but she really loves it. In no time, the tigers and lions have become like cubs to her, she said.

The animals act tame with the girl. Accustomed to spending all her free time at work, Ou decided not to leave her bulldog alone at home anymore. Separation from the dog was very difficult for her. So she decided to take him with her to work.

Bulldog has been watching carefully how she walks with the animals. She helps the tiger cub named Ice and the lion cub named Igor and she feeds them all day. The girl was very surprised when her pets came into contact and began to have fun.The girl admitted that for the first time she had encountered a great friendship between a small dog and animals like the tiger and lion.The animals have become so close to each other that it is more difficult to live with the separation every day.

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