The owners left the pregnant dog without food and water, and she continued to wait for them

It’s sad, but sometimes people get animals as toys. And when they get tired of messing with them, yesterday’s pets are on the street.

A dog named Maria had a dark streak in her life. A few months ago, she was spotted on the doorstep of a house in Costa Rica in which no one lived. How she got there is unknown. But the animal was just sitting under the door. And there was no food or water nearby, which she needed so much, because Maria was waiting for offspring.

After seeing the dog sitting on the doorstep day after day, the neighbors took a picture of her and sent it to Tanya Cappelluti, a local pet volunteer. The neighbors knew that the tenants of the house had moved long ago. But it was only when they saw Maria on the threshold that they realized that they did not take the pregnant dog with them.

Maria could not believe that the owners had abandoned her. Therefore, she spent all her time in front of the front door, expecting that sooner or later it would open and she would be let into the house.

Tanya faced a difficult task. Maria needed a house urgently. After all, she was going to become a mother any day now. In addition, the animal needed such owners who would help her forget about the cruelty of people and learn to trust them again.

собака со щенками

Wynne McKee decided to help Maria. Realizing that she was safe and surrounded by care in the woman’s house, Maria gave birth to seven babies, very cute, and most importantly, completely healthy. Maria loved Wynne very much. After all, she gave her the opportunity to give birth to babies in the warmth, and not on the street. And the woman surrounded her with such care that the dog’s eyes shone every time she looked at her temporary owner.

мужчина держит щенков

The only girl from the brood was named Ani, six boys were named Buster, Guido, Benny, Luca, Tino, Hansel.

The kids were growing up. They showed activity and curiosity characteristic of their age. Soon, all the kids will be looking for a family and a home.

New owners have already been found for Maria. This came as a surprise to the volunteers. After all, puppies are taken from shelters first of all. And adult dogs can wait for a suitable family for years. Maria was an exception.

I want to believe that it will also be possible to quickly find a family for all her children. So far, only Luka has moved from the orphanage to a new house.

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