The owners put the pregnant cat outside in the freezing cold. But the cat was unexpectedly lucky

One day a beautiful black cat became unwanted by its owners and ended up on the street. She was pregnant for the third time and, of course, was in great need of human help.

Luckily, the Wellcat rescue group in Birmingham, England, heard about the purr and decided to help her.

One of the volunteers, Emily Jane, offered to temporarily take the baby to her home. The cat had the opportunity to give birth to her babies in the warmth and comfort of home.

Emily didn’t know what kind of problems her mentee had faced in the past, but it was clear that there had been a lot of grief in her purr’s life.

Two and a half weeks later, when she returned home, she heard the squeaks of newborn kittens.

Four adorable babies were born, three of which were black and one was striped.

The cat turned out to be a wonderful mother, and tenderly took care of the babies. The cat adores her adoptive parents and purrs affectionately every time they come into her room.

After the betrayal of her owners and life on the street, the little cat was happy to be able to raise her babies while lying in a warm crib.

The cat was lucky. She was rescued just in time and did not have to give birth to kittens in the cold.

When her babies grow up, they will be spayed and given to loving families. The cat will also be spayed and found a warm home where she will be loved and pampered.

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