The police rescued the puppy, and he turned out to be so good that they came up with a special position for him!

The appearance of a dog in the police station can hardly surprise anyone. After all, these beautiful animals work there on a par with humans.

However,, who, although a service dog, is somewhat different from his colleagues. After all, he does not bite criminals by the heels and does not look for cocaine at the airport. Officially, Fuzz’s position is called «hugging officer» and has nothing to do with biting people — everything is exactly the opposite.

At the end of last year, Officer Catherine Smith was called to a farm in the suburbs of St. Paul, USA.
A stray dog with his puppies had been walking around the farm for several days. Catherine had to pick up the animals from there. And in the end, she even took one baby, whom she later named Fuzz. Since the chief’s dog, Stella, was brought to the police station on Fridays, everyone thought that Fuzz could also be invited to visit.

Since employees often face stressful situations, and it is difficult to call all their work easy, they periodically needed emotional relief. And Fuzz managed to help them!

When the police needed a short break, they went to cuddle with the five-month-old Fuzz and stroke his fluffy belly.

It turned out that Fuzz perfectly relieves stress. Therefore, they even decided to hire him as a «hugging officer». The puppy works about 10 hours a week, while its owner is also on duty.

While on duty, Fuzz is busy with very important things. He greets employees, plays with the ball and hugs everyone.

Colleagues describe the dog as an extremely responsible employee:

«As soon as someone approaches him, he immediately lies down on his stomach and asks him to stroke him.»
Thanks to his diligence, Fuzz even received the rank of sergeant.

The authorities drew attention to the ability of Fluff to improve people’s mood and even plans to enroll him in special pet therapy courses.

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