The puppy was separated from his beloved cow who raised him

Animals have a whole range of emotions and feelings and thus are very similar to us humans. They don’t get tired of proving it. And it also happens that a person has something to learn from them in terms of caring for loved ones.

One family recently had a chance to observe the development of friendly relations between their pets. They have a dog named Ruki, who has become very friendly with a cow belonging to them.

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The family had to sell a cow, which played the role of a foster mother for this puppy. Ruki was a very cheerful puppy and ran around all day. He really enjoyed spending time with people. However, his closest friend has always been a brown cow.

Ruki lived and enjoyed life, seeing and spending a lot of time with his beloved cow every day. They even went to bed together. The couple were simply inseparable. But one day the day came when the owners had to sell their beloved cow, because they were no longer able to feed her. The family started looking for a buyer.

Having lost his beloved friend, Ruki suffered a lot. Тhe puppy ran all over the neighborhood, often running up to the paddock where the cow used to live, and announcing the neighborhood with plaintive howling and barking.

One day Ruki suddenly heard the voice of his friend. But for some reason it came from the street, from the neighbors. The dog immediately rushed in search of his beloved cow, despite the protests from the owner, commanding him to stop.

Following the lingering sounds, the dog eventually managed to find his cow in someone else’s stall. He immediately rushed to her and began happily licking her muzzle. The dog was able to regain his happiness for a short time. But soon the owner came running and took him home.

Immediately after returning home, depression returned to Ruki. The dog began to refuse to eat, thereby causing concern among his household. At the same time, he did not stop running up to the corral where his friend was once kept.

Imagine his surprise when one day he heard her voice again. His foster mother and best friend has finally returned home! As it turned out, looking at the suffering of his beloved dog, the owner decided to sacrifice a tidy sum of money to return his friend.

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