The puppy, who was separated from his mother and brothers, just stops crying when he snuggles up to his owner

The cub named Ret was the first of six cubs in the litter to be born. Two months after giving birth, his mother was sent to a dog shelter, and her 3 brothers and sisters were sent to another one. Finally, he and his two remaining brothers were taken home.The separation shocked the cub, who needed an extra dose of affection from his mother to feel safe.

Soon another unforeseen event happened: one of his brothers became very ill and eventually died.The cause of death was not well explained, and Marianne feared that the same could happen to Ret if the disease was genetic.

The bad news has not subsided. A few days later, another brother fell ill.The puppy and he had to be hospitalized because no one was sure what made the puppies so sick. Ret was isolated from his brother.
The memory of his family, of the love filled with his younger brothers and the presence of his mother, became just a memory. Ret had only him and his owner, Marianne.

Realizing that this process would not be easy, Marianne went to buy a soft crib for the cub, with blankets and a plush camel of his size.
Unfortunately, for the puppy, who was alone and missed his mother, the good deed of his owner did not work.

Then Marianne had an idea. Realizing that holding Rhett in her arms calmed him down, she bought a sleeping bag for babies. They were for human babies, but all puppies and babies need the same thing: comfort and affection.
Rhett really liked this idea, and he lovingly enjoyed every moment when he snuggled up to Marianne’s warm body and felt her heart beating.

Knowing that Rhett could become very dependent on the sleeping bag, Marianne began to limit his time in it, starting with 20 minutes and gradually decreasing.
Each time Rhett became more confident in himself.
This story had a happy ending. Today the puppy has become more independent and playful, loves to explore and have fun with his toys. And his younger brother returned home healthy.

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