The sculptor creates «living» dolls that are frighteningly realistic and accurate

Want to admire and be a little scared? Look at the wonderful and super-realistic dolls by the Krasnodar sculptor Mikhail Zaikov. At first sight it is even hard to believe that these are skillfully made toys, not living boys and girls with their own character traits, tastes and dreams.

In the works of the author the smallest details are worked out, so it seems that the dolls are about to talk to you. Zaikov’s admirers note that his toys are true works of art that can’t help but delight. Just look at their eyes! In them you can just drown!

We suggest that you also enjoy the work of Mikhail. To do this, we have selected the most interesting of his works, which for sure you will like.

Doll Vera

Doll Alexey

Doll Valeria

This sculptor is a real magician. His hands can create incredible things, namely realistic articulated dolls. In the process of creativity he is helped by retrophotographs, films, paintings by artists. As you can see, no craftsman can create something beautiful without inspiration.

Doll Inna

A gorgeous doll made for the Art of the Doll exhibition

Jack doll

Bertil Doll

Doll Nina

Doll Ivan

Doll Raisa

Gallant Cavalier

They seemed to be discussing something and were interrupted at the most interesting moment.

At the beginning of his creative career, Mikhail created only static dolls. However, in 2013 he switched to making articulated toys, inspired by the works of Japanese craftsmen.

A great trio

The process of creating a doll is extremely difficult and painstaking.

On average, it takes a month to make one doll. All the stages of creation are exclusively handmade. First, Mikhail draws a sketch of the future toy. Then he uses polymer clay to mold the face and torso of the doll. The final step is clothing, which is created for each toy individually.

Each of Mikhail’s dolls is created in a single copy.

Some of the stages of creation are creepy. In spite of this, the whole process looks quite entertaining.

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