The shabby dog could not believe his happiness when a kind woman approached him

This battered, shabby and skinny dog was spotted on the streets of Houston, USA. When a woman saw the horrible condition of the animal, she could not stand it and approached her. She had severe itching all over her body, which caused her to lose a lot of hair.

The woman contacted Katie Evers, a local animal rescuer, and asked her to take the dog to a holding facility. She immediately went to pick her up and took her back to her place. The dog was named Gardenia.

At home at the guardian’s house, the doggy has visibly perked up

It was as if she knew she was being helped. The vets diagnosed Gardenia with a severe form of scabies, but it was not difficult to cure with medication. All it took was time.

Katie gave the dog antibiotics and baths and after a while her coat began to grow back. Little by little, Gardenia forgot the wounds of the past, became more active and affectionate, and soon she was a different dog altogether.

«In the first two weeks it was hard to tell how long the recovery process would take, but after a while, boom, and it’s a different dog!» — says Katie.

This is how beautiful Gardenia has become:

When the time came to look for owners for this beauty, they found one. Katie’s friends were just looking for a pet. The couple had been following Gardenia’s story from the beginning, and they decided to become her owners. That’s how the little doggy got a loving family!

Gardenia’s life will never be the same again. She is a happy dog, surrounded by the attention and love of her owners. Thank you to the kind people who once helped this beauty!

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