The shaggy dog wandered confusedly along the snow-covered street, its fur stuck together into icicles

A picture of this dog was sent to us on a social network. The guy who took the picture was walking down the street when he noticed the dog. The end of January turned out to be cold and snowy. And the dog clearly didn’t have a warm corner. Her matted fur was wet from the snow. And in some places icicles were even visible on it. Thick fur covered the animal’s eyes. It moved almost by touch.

The dog was not young. Her teeth were in poor condition, her eyes were affected by cataracts, her hair had obviously not been cut or combed for a long time, so she was covered with tangles. Veterinarians recommended to take tests, undergo ultrasound, remove diseased teeth, send the dog for sterilization, and also undergo a heart examination in order to choose the right anesthesia during operations. The list of recommendations included a trip to the groomer and a haircut.

Immediately Granny named the dog that way, passed all the tests, and then went to the groomer. Since long hair requires a lot of care, and overexposure does not always have time for this, we decided to cut Granny short.

Granny turned out to be a real brawler. She has fully shown her character at the groomer. The dog did not want to cut her nails in any way, and also to part with long hair. To neutralize Granny, she was put on a funny muzzle in the form of a duck.

It didn’t work out to cut Granny’s hair at one time. On the first day, the groomer simply cut off all the excess, and the next day he leveled the «bangs» that covered the dog’s eyes.

Granny turned out to be an opponent of walking on the street. A variety of ways have been tried to take the dog outside, but as soon as she is out of the house, she becomes sad and slowly wanders, looking at the ground. It seems that Granny was not sent for a walk, but simply kicked out of overexposure.

Grandma’s heart and organs were also checked. Despite the age, the dog turned out to be relatively healthy, although anesthesia was still done sparing so as not to harm the animal.

First of all, the veterinarians removed Granny’s sick teeth and cleaned the rest of the stones. The animal was offended for a long time. She even refused to eat on her own, waiting for volunteers to hand-feed her.

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