The sick bird was made mini snowshoes to correct the defect of the paws

The very case when, in order to give a sick animal a chance, expensive operations and medicines are not needed. A simple human attention, a little imagination and two small pieces of cardboard are enough.

Больной птичке сделали мини-снегоступы, чтобы исправить дефект лапок

Kind people from the Wildlife Center in California (CWC) recently rescued a mockingbird that needed just such help.

Добрые люди из Центра дикой природы в Калифорнии (CWC) недавно спасли пересмешника, который нуждался именно в такой помощи

Due to an unknown injury, the bird’s paws were constantly clenched into a fist. This is a fairly common occurrence among young chicks. Birds with such a defect find it difficult to perch, grab objects, and even just walk. Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this problem.

Rescuers simply built a pair of tiny «snowshoes» for the bird

Спасатели просто соорудили для птицы пару крохотных «снегоступов»

«With the help of pieces of cardboard, we fixed her paws in the correct position. It usually takes about a couple of weeks for the paws to return to normal,» the CWC veterinarian said.

We are pleased to announce that, thanks to this miracle of engineering, the mockingbird’s paws were cured. And now the bird is waiting for a return to freedom.

Мы рады сообщить, что, благодаря этому чуду инженерии, лапки пересмешника удалось вылечить, и теперь птицу ждет возвращение на волю

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