The skinny dog jumped into the car. The desire to leave the woods was evident in her eyes

Recently a very strange event happened. We were transporting by-products that were supposed to be food for homeless animals. The car was driving near a wooded area, so the driver decided to take a little break from the fresh air. He stopped, and opened the cabin door to make it cooler. Nikolai was talking to his partner when he noticed something jumped into the car. It turned out that a large breed of dog was trying to settle in the back seat. It was very thin, and probably hungry.

The dog tried not to look at the men. The animal looked away sadly.

The men decided to feed their guest. They gave him some food. As it turned out, despite its size it was very friendly and sweet. The dog could not be kicked out of the car. After all, it was waiting for help. In addition, it was unlikely anyone would have noticed it by the woods and taken it home.

Volunteers decided to take the dog to their place. They called the supervisor and arranged everything. It seems that the animal understood the point of the conversation, because it immediately became a little more cheerful.

As the car moved out of the spot, the unexpected guest began to smile. No one can even guess how long the poor dog had to spend alone among the trees. It is likely that the animal had not seen food for a long time. So it skillfully opened boxes of meat, and dined all the way. We were worried that he wouldn’t get sick after such a long fast. Fortunately, the dog felt fine.

First of all, we decided to show the four-legged creature to a qualified veterinarian. He confirmed that the dog had been starving for a long time. As it turned out, she had kidney problems. The doctor suggested that they arose as a result of hypothermia.

At that time, the animal was no more than five years old. She was given all the support she needed and sent to our shelter.

A dog of this breed is not uncommon. But this was the first time we saw such a friendly and kind Alabai. She was lounging around and was gentle to absolutely everyone. After some deliberation, we named the animal Aza.

No one could hold back a smile as she squeezed her eyes shut with pleasure. You only had to stroke the dog’s head, and she gave you a look full of tenderness. She was like a giant soft toy.

The only thing was that she was very thin. Our staff could barely restrain themselves from constantly feeding Aza. But we understood if we didn’t increase her diet gradually, we could do more harm than good.

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