The story of the cat that no one wanted to take away from the shelter

Those who work in shelters for homeless dogs and cats know how difficult it is to find an owner for a pet with any problems. Few people want to take home a one-eyed dog or a purr-fect without one paw. But these animals are used to living with their peculiarities, and their behavior does not differ from that of healthy relatives. However, even these unusual animals are taken from shelters regardless of their problems.

In one center lived Appa, a cat who had a rare genetic disease that affected her skin. Because of this, her appearance was unconventional and looked repulsive to many people, so there was no one willing to take her in.

The kitty’s photo was posted in a group where there were pets with a similar condition. A girl named Elise had recently passed away from a cat with the same skin condition. She was just looking for a new pet, and wanted to get exactly the same one, since she had experience taking care of such a special pursey.

That’s how Appa ended up at Elise’s house. On top of that, the kitty was diagnosed with ringworm and heart problems. But these circumstances did not scare the girl away; she began to treat the little one.

It should be noted that the cat belongs to the Selkirk Rex breed, which by nature has a fine wavy coat. However, due to a genetic disease, the coat is wiped out and the skin is thinning, which causes cracks and wounds on it. The poor animal is constantly bothered by pain in these areas. Appa’s neck area was the most affected, so Elise had to tie scarves around it.

Many users on Instagram follow Appa’s life and worry about her well-being. The owner posts various photos of her pet, even those in which she is depicted with hair loss. After the treatment, the cat’s condition became much better, and now she looks really beautiful.

It is customary to dress pets with this condition in protective clothing to prevent contact with surrounding objects. But Appa only wears a collar, and her owner takes her for walks in a baby carriage.

The new pet has managed to make friends with the Rottweiler Mowgli, who has lived with the girl for a long time. In general Elise cannot be pleased with her whiskered pet, the cat has a wonderful gentle character, she is very affectionate and intelligent. And it is not a heavy burden for Elise to take care of her pet, because it gives her so many positive emotions.

Don’t be afraid to take «special» pets from the shelter or from the streets. They will always be grateful to you for saving them, and their love will be boundless.

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