The sweetest corgi sees a man at the airport and immediately realizes he needs comforting

This adorable corgi’s name, Cora, and her story are sure to make anyone fall in love with this beautiful creature. She is very friendly, affectionate and kind. At the same time, she gave everyone the love that she herself was not receiving at the time

For many years she lived with breeders who saw her only as a means of profit. Because she was too often forced to give birth to babies for sale, her body became weak and one day she had a litter where only one puppy was healthy.

The breeders were furious that the dog was not profitable and decided to get rid of it…

However, fortunately, the neighbors informed the rescuers in time, who took her out just on her eighth birthday and celebrated her solemnly.

At first, the young volunteer girl was only going to find caring owners for Kore, but later she realized that she couldn’t live without her and fell in love with this loving dog forever.

Cora herself was ready to return the affection and it seemed that her heart was simply endless and her love was enough for everyone.

The sweet corgi loves to walk up to strangers when she’s out and about, just to say hello. So when she and her mom were traveling and ended up stuck in an airport recently, she figured Cora wouldn’t mind as long as there were lots of new people to meet — and as it turns out, there was a passenger that day who needed Cora’s love more than anything.

“Cora just kind of walked around in our little seating area and said hi to everyone who was walking by and sitting near us,” Palm said. “She was taking a snooze so I let go of her leash briefly while I relaxed and had a snack; that is when she woke up and snuck over to him. Before I could even call her she was already at his feet being loved on.”

Palm watched from afar, worried that Cora might be bothering the weary traveler — but when she asked him about it, he made it very clear that Cora wasn’t bothering him in the least.

“I asked him if she was bothering him and with a somber face and watery eyes he said, ‘No, no; I lost my dog last night.’ He scratched behind her ears, patted her on the back and was whispering how cute she was. He took out his phone to snap a photo and she sat directly in front of him facing him and staying perfectly still for it.”

Somehow, Cora seemed to know that the man in the airport that day needed her love most of all.

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