The thirsty armadillo was so happy when someone stopped to give him a drink

One day Giovanni was driving a truck on a deserted road in Mato Grosso, Brazil, when he noticed a small obstacle in front of him. He decided to stop and get out of his truck to take a closer look- and found a thirsty and exhausted armadillo.

«I could see that he wasn’t doing well,» Giovanni told The Dodo. «It seemed to me that he was asking me for something… for help.»
«Remembering that he had a tank of water in his truck, Giovanni decided to help the poor animal. He quickly placed the armadillo under the faucet and turned it on.

This little armadillo seemed absolutely happy to finally get water. He was so grateful to his savior that he grabbed Giovanni’s hand and gave him a little lick to thank him before leaving.

Giovanni then moved the armadillo to a safe place and gave him a banana in case he got hungry.

«I left him at the edge of the forest,» Giovanni said. «He was much better. »

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