The unsociable dog was left all alone in the shelter. But fate had a gift for him

When Capone, a 7-year-old Staffordshire terrier, was taken from the Ionia County Zoo in Michigan, he was overjoyed. But after a while, the new owners brought the dog back. They decided to replace him with another pet.

This put Capone back in the cage and he was no longer the happy, cheerful dog he used to be. He was very different, always sad and refusing to eat. The dog seemed to have lost the meaning of life.

Before this incident, he greeted every visitor to the shelter cheerfully, wagging his tail cheerfully. Now he did not want to communicate with anyone. It looked as if the dog had accepted his fate and had no hope of ever being picked up.

When all the dogs were taken apart, things took a very sad turn. Capone was left all alone — surrounded by empty cages.

To help the animal, the shelter staff posted his photo on social media. And it worked. Several users were interested in the dog. One couple fell in love with Capone at first sight, and they were arranged to meet the dog. Joe and Ashley came to the shelter, hoping to make a good impression on the dog. They brought with them a gift, a collar with a plaque engraved with his nickname.

The caretakers were a little nervous, knowing that Capone had lost his trust in people. But a miracle happened. The dog immediately ran to the excited visitors. That moment was the beginning of his new life with two wonderful people who were willing to do anything to keep their pet happy.

Surprisingly, after moving into his new home, Capone started smiling! One of the shelter’s caretakers, Sammy Vincent, shared a photo of the contented dog on social media.

«Just look at that smile,» she wrote. — We all cried looking at pictures of Capone in the shelter. We are so happy for him!»

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