The weak pup huddled in a corner, trembling with fear at the sight of people

This fragile little cub was spotted outside a market in Bali. Its thin skin was damaged and covered in scabies, and the little dog stood uncertainly on its paws…

This little dog was found near a market in Bali. A local resident saw how sad the little one was and decided to help it. The poor thing was huddled in a corner, not allowed near anyone and barking quietly, afraid of people. Its emaciated body was covered with scabies, so it needed help.

The man brought the baby to the Mission Paws’ible shelter, where it was immediately taken in. He fed the dog and began to treat its damaged skin with baths, medicines, and oils. The dog, named Willow, was afraid of everything at first, but soon trusted its guardian.

Unfortunately, Willow was very weak and fragile. At one point its guardian feared for its life — the dog had a fever and could not move on its paws. Volunteers did everything they could to restore its health, but prepared for the worst. But luckily, the next day the little one opened its eyes and perked up.

Willow proved to be a strong girl. After those terrible days, it was as if it had a second wind — it was active and had an appetite and strength. In the days that followed it began to recover quickly, its fur grew back, and it became stronger and healthier.

So a month passed. During this time Willow went through an incredible journey and transformation — it transformed into an adorable, full of energy, and loving creature. When the time came, owners were found for it. It now lives with loving people who adore it and it has adopted doggie siblings. Many thanks to good people for saving the little one!

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